Large Stretch And Stronger Cv Joint Boot With Clamp For Car Spare Part

Large Stretch and Stronger cv joint boot with clamp for car spare part 1.Optimized materials selection 2.Advanced manufacturing process, with global standards 3.Factory direct supply. 4.Customized size available.

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Large Stretch and Stronger cv joint boot with clamp for car spare part

CV Joint Rubber Boot

The ball cage is a protection device between the half shaft and the transmission. It has the function of preventing dust from entering and protecting the lubricating oil from the inside.

Using of the CV joint

The cage, also called "constant velocity joint", 
is an important component in the car transmission system. 
Its function is to transfer the power of the engine from the transmission to the drive wheel 
to drive the car at high speed. 
There are many types of constant velocity joints for cars. 
Among them, the ball cage type constant velocity joints 
and the tripod type constant velocity joints are mainly used for sliding sleeves, 
three-way shafts, transmission shafts and stars. The main components of the sleeve, 
the cage and the bell shell. Because the constant velocity universal joint transmits 
heavy driving torque, the load is heavy, the transmission precision is high, 
the demand is large, and it is a safety member. Therefore, the main parts are processed 
by precision forgings.

 Large Stretch and Stronger cv joint boot with clamp for car spare part


Application: CAR

SIZE: Customized

Material Available:SILICONE,NR,NBR,EPDM,VITON,SBR,etc.

Advantage: Quality guaranteed.

Packing: By carton

Large Stretch and  Stronger CV Joint Rubber Boot

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Large Stretch and  Stronger CV Joint Rubber Boot


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