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Graphite Gasket Classification

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Flexible graphite gaskets are made from flexible graphite sheets (or with metal reinforcement) and are divided into four types according to application needs:

1. Flexible Graphite Gasket: cut from flexible graphite sheet, used for pipe flange and bonnet. It is recommended that this gasket be a small diameter gasket, depending on its low mechanical strength.

2. Flexible Graphite Gasket MI: The carbon steel sheet with hook (0.2 mm thick) is clamped in the middle by a flexible graphite sheet, then cut into a specific size, the mechanical strength is very high.

3. Flexible Graphite Gasket PM: The flexible graphite sheet is glued to the two sides of the 304 stainless steel sheet of 0.2 mm thick, has high mechanical strength and is easy to transport, because it can also be cut into complex shape, this gasket is widely used in various industries.

4. Flexible Graphite Gasket PM-A: Replace the stainless steel sheet in t/#1215 with 316 steel (50 microns).

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