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Metal Wound Gasket Detailed Introduction

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Metal Spiral Gasket is a kind of gasket which is widely used at present, which is the best elastic gasket in the semi metal dense pad, which is alternately twisted by the V-shaped or W-shaped steel strip and various filler materials, which is capable of high temperature, high pressure and suitable for conditions of low temperature or vacuum, by changing the material combination of the gasket, the chemical corrosion of the gasket can be solved, and the density of the structure can be made according to the requirements of different locking force, in order to strengthen the main body and accurate positioning, the spiral wound gasket is provided with a metal inner reinforcing ring and an outer locating ring. Using internal and external steel ring to control the maximum pressure tightness, the surface accuracy of the flange sealing surface of the gasket contact is not high.

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