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Seal Ring Usage

- Jul 28, 2017 -

First, when we install the sealing ring before, we must pay attention to see whether the installation site clean, if not clean, must be clean, so that the seal ring and the installation of the part more fitting, sealing effect will be better.

Second, some need to install the items, there may be some burr, at this time, the installation should be noticed, burrs may damage the seal ring, so to remove those burrs first.

Third, in order to make the effect of sealing better, in the installation, it is best to smear some lubricants, this is to reduce the damage to the seal ring.

IV. Attention to size, you can say that the seal ring is a fine object, if the size is not appropriate, certainly not to the role of sealing. While we are in the replacement, often the original size has been forgotten, at this time, it is best to take the original seal ring to compare.

The use of special tools, what to do with the tools, the installation of seals is no exception, it is best to use specialized tools, so as to be able to install more appropriate.

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