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Sealing principle of skeleton oil seal

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Sealing principle: Due to oil seal and shaft between the oil seal edge Control Oil film, this oil film has the fluid lubrication characteristic, under the action of the liquid surface tension, the oil film's rigidity just causes the oil film and the air contact end to form a crescent face, prevents the working medium leakage, thus realizes the revolving axle seal. Sealing capacity of oil seals, depending on the thickness of the sealing surface oil film, the thickness is too large, oil seal leakage, the thickness is too small, may occur dry friction, resulting in oil seals and shaft wear, sealing lip and shaft between no oil film, it is easy to cause fever, wear.

Therefore, in the installation, must be coated with oil in the seal ring, while ensuring that the skeleton oil seal and axis line vertical, if not vertically, the seal lip of oil seal will be drained from the shaft, it will also lead to excessive wear of the seal lip, in operation, the lubricant in the shell slightly seeps in order to achieve in the sealing surface of the formation of oil film in the state of the most ideal.

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