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The characteristics of different kinds of seals

- Jul 28, 2017 -

The first, high-temperature sealing ring: From the name we can know that this type of sealing ring is resistant to high temperature, generally like the SIL silicone rubber sealing ring is resistant to high temperature, this material can be produced to resist some high-temperature, such as the pressure cooker seals must use heat-resistant.

The second, high pressure seal ring: This type is often seen in life, because the pressure cooker in the seal ring is also must withstand high-pressure.

Third, corrosion-resistant sealing ring: Like FLS fluorine silicone rubber sealing ring is one of them, can resist the oxygen-containing compounds, aromatic hydrocarbon solvents and chlorine-containing solvents corrosion.

Fourth, wear-resistant sealing ring: like nr natural rubber seal ring, he has a very good wear resistance, but not too good, in the air is easy to aging, when the heat will become sticky.

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