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Countermeasure Of Oil Seal Not Strict And Oil Leakage

- Jul 28, 2017 -

1. To grasp and identify the basic knowledge of shoddy products, to buy high-quality, Standard Oil seals.

2. When installing, if the external surface roughness of the shaft is low or rust, rust, and other defects, to use fine sand cloth or oil stone polished smooth; In the oil seal lip or shaft diameter corresponding position coated with clean oil or grease.

3. The application of oil seals on agricultural machinery in general working conditions, environmental temperature difference, dust, and machine vibration frequently make the mechanical condition constantly changing, to be diligent inspection, maintenance and maintenance.

4. such as shaft diameter and bearing wear serious, oil seal rubber Aging or spring failure, etc., should be timely repair and replacement of the corresponding parts.

5. The abnormal heating parts or assembly should be timely troubleshooting, to avoid mechanical overspeed, overload operation, to prevent oil seal lip temperature rise, rubber aging, lip mouth early wear and so on.

6. To regularly check the oil level, if the oil impurities too much, there is alloy powder, metal iron filings to completely replace the new oil, the change of oil brand and quality to meet the requirements of the season.

7. Temporarily unused oil seals should be properly kept to prevent the contamination of oil, dust or sun exposure.

8. When the shaft diameter is worn into a "V" groove, the new oil seal lip and the axial contact pressure drop can not play a role in sealing oil.

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