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How To Install The Toilet Seal Ring?

- Jul 28, 2017 -

1. First close the main valve, flush the toilet, with a rag or sponge wipe the water in the toilet seal.

2. Open the new toilet sealing ring wrapping paper, the circle to avoid facing up, set on the flange, the top two screws fixed.

3. Put the toilet in a fixed sealing ring, in the course of the sleeve, try to keep the level of the toilet.

4. The water valve open, check to see if the toilet seal is firmly installed, flushing check whether leakage.

5. Can be used on the toilet and the floor between the silicone, play a non-slip role.

Here high ke rubber needs to remind is, avoid frequent replacement of the toilet on the seal ring, the most effective way is to choose the quality of better sealing ring products, the market now produces a large number of sealing ring enterprises, variety complex. It is recommended to select enterprises with manufacturer and independent brand, so as to guarantee the quality.

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