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Usage And Usage Of Oil Seal

- Sep 10, 2018 -

As the name implies, oil seal is a mechanical component used to seal oil, it will drive parts need to be lubricated with the output parts isolation, so as to prevent oil leakage.

Static and dynamic seals (general reciprocating movement) are called seals.

The representative form of oil seal is TC oil seal, which is a double-lip oil seal with self-tightening spring completely covered by rubber. Generally speaking, the oil seal usually refers to this TC skeleton oil seal.

Ii. Usage and usage of oil seal:

1. Engine: crankshaft -- oil seal before and after crankshaft;

2. Valve -- valve oil seal (engine repair kit o-ring) (distributor oil seal, pump oil seal, balance shaft oil seal, machine oil seal, etc.)

3. Camshaft -- camshaft oil seal;

4. Transmission: transmission -- oil seal before and after transmission;

5. Shift lever oil seal (transmission repair bag o-ring) (sub-transfer -- sub-transfer before, after oil seal);

6. Rear axle: oil seal for front axle and rear axle

7. Differential :(front) rear Angle vector oil seal and rear wheel oil seal;

8. Direction motor oil seal (direction machine repair kit o-ring) direction booster oil seal (front half shaft oil seal).

3. Oil seal is required for any part of the operating body box that has liquid lubricating oil and is connected with the external.

Some are rubber, some are metal, most are steel bone rubber, such as crankshaft oil seal, gearbox before and after oil seal, about half shaft oil seal, main reducer before oil seal, air compressor oil seal

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