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Oil Seal For Small Concrete Mixer Shaft

- Oct 17, 2018 -

Oil seal for small concrete mixer shaft With the rapid development of urbanization, municipal construction, in the general construction sites, road and bridge construction in the construction of hydropower projects can often see concrete mixer, they have a reliable transmission, low noise, low energy consumption, compact structure, stable running, easy operation, high mixing quality and productivity, the advantages of easy transitions, in the concrete mixer is an indispensable accessories, crankshaft oil seal, as the name implies, is the sealing ring is used as the seal oil is an important part. At the same time, oil seal also has a dustproof function. It's also called a dust guard. Oil seal is generally used in the sealing technology of the shaft end of the agitator shaft. Oil seal is made by using lubricating oil to prevent concrete slurry from entering the shaft end to wear the mixer Signal oil seal parameters of multipass mixer: Provide corresponding product parameters according to different parts of mixer. Features of oil seal for small hand mixer: 1. Oil seal structure is simple and easy to manufacture. 2. Light weight of oil seal and less consumables. Each oil seal is a combination of thin - walled metal parts and rubber parts. 3. The installation position of oil seal is small, the axial size is small, easy to process, and make the machine compact. 4. Good seal function and long service life. It has certain adaptability to vibration of machine and eccentric spindle. 5. Easy removal of oil seal and convenient inspection. 6. Factory direct selling prices. Good quality and low price

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