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Performance Of Flexible Graphite Wound Gasket

- Jul 28, 2017 -

Flexible graphite spiral Wound gasket is a natural scaly high carbon graphite, after special chemical and physical treatment, the pure graphite products are processed and refined, except that it maintains the excellent properties of natural scaly graphite, and has the advantages of softness, resilience, corrosion resistance, high pressure, radiation resistance and heat conduction.

The material is woven from a low sulphur expanded graphite wire, and the lining of the cotton yarn is enhanced. , there is a very low friction coefficient, will not wear the pump shaft and stem, and has good thermal conductivity, chemical corrosion resistance and high resilience.

Stone-Graphite spiral wound gasket root is made of flexible graphite composite sheet, it is mainly used in static and dynamic seals of valve, pump and pipe connection, the product has wide applicability, high temperature resistance, strong acid resistance, alkali, long life, self-lubricating, bottom friction coefficient and other characteristics, especially suitable for harsh medium conditions.

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